Hey you! Anything happens to my daughter,
I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.

- Clueless

"Where's Uncle Matty?"

"He's on a date, honey."

"Will he be back before I go to bed?"

"Probably not. He'll probably be back late."

"Why does Uncle Matty stay out so late on a date?"

"Well, sometimes when adults go on dates and they stay out late."

"When I'm older, will I stay out late on a date?"

"Well, you could.... but... what time is bedtime?"


"And what time is bath time?"


"So you can go out on a date, but you have to be back by bath time otherwise you won't be able to get a bath."

"Oh. Ok."

Now if he can just keep her convinced until she's thirty-five. Or is that unlikely?