Because, seriously, LOOK!

First day of kindergarten.

With a backpack chock full of supplies for any eventuality.

I picked her up a little early today because I wanted to hear about her day and give her a chance to see a familiar face in case it was more difficult than she anticipated. She was angry with me. Because she didn't want to go home. They were getting ready to go outside and play in the aftercare program and she was POed that I'd had the audacity to cramp her style and show up when she so clearly was not ready for me to be there. So... yeah... that's about what I should have expected.

Between the time I dropped her off at her first day of school this morning and when I picked her up this afternoon, she has aged about seven years. How is that possible that one day of school can be elicit such a change? I'm going to be a mess when she goes to high school, aren't I?