She is so ready to start school next week.

If I ever had any doubt about petitioning to have her start kindergarten early, this last month would have completely erased them. Her math skills have increased exponentially (exponentially... math... get it?) in the past couple of weeks and yesterday she read an entire page out of a novel I bought for myself to read. It will probably take me weeks to read that whole page. As I've said to a bunch of people, I'm not so into the idea of her starting kindergarten early - I couldn't care less about this being a bullet point on her resume - I'm more concerned that if she waits until she's almost six to start kindergarten, that she'll be a big ol' handful of behaviors for any teacher. Without some classroom experience and soon, she'll be bouncing off the walls like Happy Fun Ball... and she'll be just as dangerous.

We finally got a letter from The Dormouse's new school, telling us when and where she would start kindergarten in a little less than a week's time. I guess I should just be glad to have received it before school starts. When I opened it and mentioned to The KingofHearts that we'd finally gotten some information from the school, The Dormouse perked up.

"What does it say, Momma?"

"It's just information from the school."

"Does it say I'm well-behaved?"

"Yes, and you're house broken too."

"I knew it!"