I love the Olympics.

I always have.

There's just something about achieving the very best that humans can in any given event that appeals to the portion of my brain where Ayn Rand philosophies are stored. I'm more of a Winter Olympics type-o-gal than Summer (I love me some curling), but I also used to play volleyball in junior high school before I broke a bone in my knee and had to quit. So I often spend hours glued to the television during the Summer Olympics, watching the volleyball matches and lamenting my lost youth. (I could have totally been one of those beach volleyball chicks if I hadn't hurt myself in ninth grade... and if I had stuck with it after my knee healed... and if I was the athletic type... and if I took care of my body... but other than that, there but for you go I.) One year in my youth, I met
Sinjin Smith who was making an appearance at a local mall. He gave me an autographed poster which I hung on my wall and moved from place to place in college until the corners ripped off.

But I digress.

Normally, the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics leave a lot to be desired for me. I usually end up remarking at some point during the evening, "Someone ought to call a janitor... there's a bunch of cheese spilled in that stadium." I know there's been a
lot of controversy surrounding China's hosting of the events this year... weather, pollution, human rights, trying to kill our children with lead-based paint... but if you go solely on the ability to create and execute a brilliantly fascinating Opening Ceremonies, in my opinion China wins hands down.

Check out these amazing photographs of last night - you'll be glad you did.

Also: Can anyone help me get The Dormouse to stop pronouncing it "the Olimbics?" Because it's really starting to bug me.