Our local park put in some new playground equipment which included this new climbing wall that The Dormouse refers to as "The Nose Wall." It took me a minute to understand why she calls it that. Don't see it?

Try a closeup.

I remember when she was born, savoring and relishing all the "firsts" that she experienced. It was great fun. First rain storm, first snow, first car ride, first vacation, first plane ride... lately it's seemed to me that she's done with her firsts and there's not that much new to relish. But in the past couple of weeks, The Dormouse has experienced a whole new wave of firsts -- she learned to ride a bike, she's getting ready to start school -- and it's been fun for me all over again. There's nothing like living vicariously through your children.

The Dormouse learned to climb The Nose Wall this week and she couldn't have been more proud of herself.

Here's where you have to forgive me for being an idiot with a capitol I and turn your head to the left, because I constantly forget that when I put my camera on video mode, I can't turn it sideways and rotate the picture later. Also because I had it set on Automatic Portrait mode so the excessive focus and refocusing is a bit distracting, but I loved her self talk in this little snippet, so I'm posting it anyway, with a transcript below:

...right there inside.


Where am I gonna put this foot?

Probably right here? Like this.

Me: There you go, good job. Coming back down?


Now go right here, up high.

Apparently there... we go.


Alright, alright.

Can I do this?


Oh so scared.

But.... I know I can do it.

Like this!

Sometimes, this little girl who never (and I really mean never) stops talking and making noise makes me crazy and I'm inclined to loan her to a Chinese sweatshop, just to get a little peace and quiet for a few minutes.

And other times, most times, she makes my heart melt.