Just before Christmas, we attended the KingofHearts' office Christmas party. This is the first Christmas he's been working at this job and wanted to make a good impression by introducing his family around.

It was an interesting experience, me being there as arm candy and needing to keep my mouth shut occasionally. Like when the subject of George Bush came up... or when it became obvious that everyone at the table was either a Star Wars or a Star Trek fan and there was a lengthy debate as to which was better.

No one asked, "What do you do?" and I'm glad, because try explaining a) my career and then b) what I actually do at my job to a bunch of folks who work in a gun factory. Then throw in that I work from home two days a week and watch every one's head explode as they try to grasp that concept. I managed to get out of the building without insulting any one's job, hobbies, child rearing abilities, past times (e.g., single-handedly ridding Northern Virginia of it's population of deer.), and without my child pulling down the curtain for the puppet show and I am proud of that fact.

A couple of days later, one of KoH's colleagues who was seated at our table that night came past his desk and stopped to say how much he'd enjoyed meeting our family. Then added, "And don't take this the wrong way... because I mean it only as the highest of compliments, but..." then blurted out, "Your wife looks like Princess Leia."

Um..... yeah.

Not, "Your wife looks like Carrie Fisher."
Not, "Your wife reminds me of Princess Leia."
But, "Your wife looks like Princess Leia."

What does one do with this kind of information? I know he meant this was a compliment, but I'm having a hard time taking as such. I'd almost let the whole thing go until I saw this on New Years' Day:

PASADENA, Calif. Jan 1, 2007 (AP)— Nature's grandeur was on full display at the 118th Rose Parade on Monday, featuring a bounty of floral creations that included a fire-breathing dragon protecting a castle, hummingbirds hovering over blossoms and a frog trying to lap up some water...

One of the highlights was the three-piece "Star Wars Spectacular," an entry that celebrates the 1977 release of "Star Wars," the first film in the sci-fi saga. About 200 stormtroopers led by Darth Vader marched down Colorado Boulevard as Ewoks swung from trees and waterfalls cascaded down the side of the garden planet Naboo.

The parade's Grand Marshal was "Star Wars" creator George Lucas who rode in a 1911 Pope-Hartford, Model Y.

"We've lived here all our lives and never been to the parade, but this year we just gotta see Mr. Lucas," said 51-year-old Robin Romero of Hacienda Heights, who frequents "Star Wars" conventions across the country. "This is the 10th time I'll see him (Lucas) in person. It's going to be so cool to see the stormtroopers march..."

Source: ABC News

So this brought the subject up all over again. Why do I look like Princess Leia? Why would someone think I look like Princess Leia? Why would that someone then tell that person's husband she looks like Princess Leia?

Perhaps at next year's party I'll leave the gold bikini at home and go with the basic black cocktail dress.

Does this gold bikini make my butt look big?