We are making grand efforts to learn letters in our house these days. Basically, she's got down what the letters are, and generally what they say, with the occasional exception of the stupid ones. Aside: Why does the English language have to be so difficult? What's up with "C"? If it usually says "ca", they why don't we just pronounce it "key"? And why does "C" even need to have a hard sound if we've got "K"? I know there's some linguistic expert out there reading this who's going to try and explain it to me, but frankly I don't care unless you can explain it to a three year old and have it make sense to her.

The Dormouse is now taking the kinesthetic approach to letter recognition. Here are some of the more recognizable ones:

(That's Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs in the background - a common visitor in our home.
If it weren't for Discovery, I'm not sure I'd know anything about the world.)

A somewhat sad looking "W".
Hey, it her mind, I'm sure it looks exactly like the letter she's envisioning.