I'm not so into the holiday cheer and am having a hard time getting excited about... well... anything this year.  Let's just say I'll be looking forward to Festivus because I Gotta Lotta Problems With You People!

I did, however, find some pretty funny ornaments for The Shortlings in my continuing mission to seek out bold new ornaments and find new meaning in a small trinket you can hang on a tree. Dum, da da dum, da da dum.....

And because I know you're on the edge of your seat (and because I have very little else to add), I present you with this year's ornament selection:

The Dormouse

The Dormouse's ornament is pretty self-explanatory if you've read this post.

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar's ornament has a little more of a story behind it. I won't go into the whole reason but caterpillar is not the only nickname she has and if you heard an uncontrollable squeal of delight mid-day about two weeks ago and wondered what it was, consider that it is really, really, hard to find an armadillo Christmas ornament.

*I am officially out of puns that have to do with the word ornament.