We still struggle with The Caterpillar's early morning exploits, though things have gotten a lot better since The Clock came to stay. But I can't really fault her for being an early riser because I am notorious for not sleeping much.  I stay up way too late and lack the ability to sleep in the next morning without the proper external intervention.  

When I go to New York with Monica, I generally wake up way before she does, lack the ability to remain quiet, and then sneak out of the hotel room so I will not a) wake her and b) drive myself cah-ray-zay pacing back and forth from the bathroom to the bed. I wander around New York in my pajama pants and pretend the whole city belongs to me, because at five o'clock in the morning, it kinda does.

New York isn't as much fun when you're staying across the river and you can't abandon the hotel room before the sun comes up and wander about unfettered.  But with The Caterpillar, I have a companion. 

This video ends abruptly because the hotel security guard had seen her on the monitor, but didn't see me, so he came to investigate the crazy, motherless child he saw wearing a path into the floor of the hotel lobby.  

Also because there was a wedding in the hotel that day and the father of the bride spent a good deal of time telling me what it was like to throw a traditional Indian wedding for his daughter because he was also up way too early wandering around the hotel lobby, but probably for entirely different reasons.