*according to a nine-year-old

When I took The Dormouse to New York for her birthday a couple of years ago,we did it all:  Dylan's Candy Shop, Serendipity, Central Park Zoo, Central Park Alice in Wonderland Statue, Fountains, Times Square, M&M Store, Hershey's Store, Toys R Us Store, Disney Store, stayed overnight in the Planetarium, Broadway play... everything a kid could possibly want to do.

So when I asked her what memorable things from her first trip we should all do together this month as we went back, she didn't even have to think before the following sentence came rolling out her mouth, "Iwannagobacktothatrockandclimbupitandtakeapicture."

The hell?


"You know.  That rock."

"What rock?"

"It was a big rock and I climbed it and you took a picture of me."

"All that stuff we did in the City on that trip and the most memorable thing for you is a rock?"

"It was a really cool rock."

This went on for awhile until I just threw up my hands and decided I wasn't going to figure it out.

We were not in Central Park for ten minutes before she recognized the rock.

Note to self: Next time avoid all the driving, hotel, parking and money spent and instead just head to the local quarry to make her happy.