When we drove into Manhattan early in the morning, our first order of business was finding a) parking and b) some place to eat breakfast.  As we were driving around hoping to score some sweet, sweet free street parking, The KoH said to me, "So where are we going to eat breakfast?"

Just then I looked up and saw this place and yelled "There! We're eating breakfast there!"

And then when they told us it would be an hour wait for a table, I declared our breakfast would now be brunch. 

I love Alice's Tea Cup, and not just because that's one of the first places I ever visited when I went to Manhattan for the first time, but also because I think The Shortlings loved it as much as I do. They have amazing scones and about a million selections of herbal teas, which makes me incredibly happy.

They also had fairy dust, which made the girls incredibly happy.

Different strokes for different folks.

They let the kids borrow fairy wings to wear because their parents were too cheap to pony up the dough to purchase them very overpriced shop wings.

The Instagrammed version of the morning: