Well, if you're reading this, that means the Mayan Calendar was not correct and the world probably did not end anytime on December 21, 2012 when a 12th planet in our solar system, called Nibiru which orbits the sun every 3,600 years, rammed into the Earth to destroy it. It's actually pretty disappointing because I was counting on not having to live past the end of December this year and now I gotta go get some Christmas presents.

For some reason, we got it together this year and I'm pleased to say that our Christmas cards were not only mailed before Christmas, but well before Christmas.  I know this might be on the verge of boastfulness and there's supposed to be something wrong with that, but it might be the only thing I do right this holiday season, so let me revel in my accomplishments (and the fact that I found a 50% off coupon so the ridiculous amount of cards I print didn't break us).