Recently, I got a birthday card from my Dad. I opened it up, read the card, and thought, "That's nice." Then a small, red piece of plastic fell out onto the table.  I looked down and saw the word Toyota printed on it.

Then I turned it over to examine the back:


"Hey, what do you think this is?" I called to The KingofHearts.

We both took a closer look.

"Hmmmm... it looks like an electric contact point of some sort."

"Yeah, like the chips that come out cards that play music.  Only this isn't one of those cards.  And it says Toyota on it."

He shook his head.  "Don't really know, then."

So I headed over to the computer and shot off a quick email to thank him for the card and ask what "that thing" was.  This is the response I got a day later:

Well, it looks like it has accomplished its purpose....

A short background on its origin is required at this point…

Previous to Thanksgiving Day I was given a free ticket to the Auto Show and for it to be free I had to use it on Thanksgiving Day. So I promptly proceeded to the show as it opened at 9AM in the morning. Several auto manufactures had free test drives of their new 2013 autos so I drove the new Ford C-Max Hybrid, the all electric Chevrolet Volt and the Toyota Prius plug-in Hybrid. During the “sign-up” process for all of these I was given a wristband to Identify that I was signed up while I was waiting for my vehicle. After the Toyota drive they put my wristband over a “scanner”, which I assumed marked me as a completed driver and they gave me a free gift for my time, I think it was an LED flashlight.

When I got home I had to cut the Toyota wristband off with scissors and when I turned it over I noticed the “contact chip looking thing” on the underside. I strained my mind for over a week thinking what I could do with this electronic looking thing and then a BRAINSTORM finally hit me the day I was sending your Birthday Card. What if I put it in your card with no explanation on what it is – How much mental activity would it stimulate with you and your family trying to figure out what it is? How long would it take for you and your family to finally break down and ASK what its purpose is and also answer the final question – were you paying attention to the card and the contents?

As I stated in the opening sentence, it has accomplished its sole purpose with flying colors!!!

If you are sure that it will open Ali Baba’s cave with untold fortune, you might want to take it to your local Toyota dealer, who knows, maybe you will win a brand new Toyota Prius plug-in Hybrid!

I’ve Attached a picture for your convenience…

Happy Birthday,


Well played, father.  Well played.