I taught about forty kids at our church to make these hand-painted Christmas ornaments as a craft during our ward Christmas party.  Because they needed something to keep them busy, because it was super easy and because I am a SUCKAH!  (But mostly the past about being a suckah!)

In other news, I finally got around to getting the Shortlings their Christmas ornaments for this year.  They are completely adorable, if I do say so myself (not that I had anything to do with the production of them) and made from wooden thread spools, so points for finding ornaments made from unusual materials.  I love finding the perfect Christmas ornament each year, but it's way more fun when the person I purchase them from is as excited to make them as I am to buy them.  Etsy has made something that I abhor - Christmas shopping - actually fun because I tend to have a couple of conversations about the purpose of the items with the shop owner and more often than not have them custom made for the girls.  You should totally check out Cindekins' Etsy shop, because she was awesome to work with, gave me a ton of choices and even sent pictures of possible fabrics she could use.  I would really like a whole tree full of these.

The Caterpillar's
The Dormouse's