I was running down to the ragged end in the Santa's Little Helper department this year and threw gifts into whatever boxes were available in the house; some of them were these boxes from the outdoor lights we acquired earlier this December.  (Aside: solar-powered outdoor Christmas lights?  Greatest invention since sliced bread... or internet porn.) 

The Caterpillar unwrapped this box with her name on it and I happened to look down as she threw the wrapping paper aside and exclaimed, "Wow.  I wasn't expecting LIGHTS!" and then held them up for me to take a picture. (There was actually a toy of some sort in that box.)

The inflection in her voice was tempered so that there were exactly two possible interpretations of that sentence:  

1) Wow, I wasn't expecting such a sucky gift but I'm gonna go ahead and sound excited to be polite and possibly get more gifts in the future

2) Wow, I wasn't expecting lights... and they're awesome!

Either way, I love how her mind works.