Scene:  We're watching television in the living room.   

Woman on the television says to man on the television, "Congratulations!  Let's go celebrate on the couch."

The Dormouse: "Eeewwww. GROSS."

KingofHearts: "What?"

DM:  "The television."

KoH *playing dumb*: "What about it?"

DM:  "It's gross!"

KoH:  "What's gross about it?"

DM:  "They're talking about  what they're gonna do."

KoH; "What do you think they're gonna do?"

DM:  "You KNOW."

KoH:  "No I don't.  What are they gonna do?"

The Caterpillar *rolls over from where she's been lying on the floor throughout this conversation and yells*: "SEEEEEX!"

Well, at least you can't say my kids aren't aware of what's going on in the world around them.