Several months back, I bought a Groupon, or a Certifikid, or some other such thing, for a visit to go see tiny horses in Pennsylvania.  We waited until the month before it was set to expire and finally drove all the way up there, only to find that it was slightly raining by the time we arrived and there was a sign at the driveway:

Land of Little Horses closed today due to inclement weather

Apparently tiny horses are wussies and can't be exposed to temperatures below seventy degrees and/or small amounts of water falling from the sky.

Also: I had checked on the website before we left the house and it suggested they were open that day. They changed that sometime during our drive up.  Tiny horses can kiss my ass.

The weekend of the expiration date was my last chance to use the certificate before it expired, so we went back without The KingofHearts.  I'm sure he was crushed.

Tiny horses are also very good performers.

The Dormouse was chosen to "be in the show" and everytime she said this - and there were many of those times throughout the day - I had the mental image of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland dressing up the barn to put on a show.  I was totally born in the wrong decade.  Also, I'm not sure kissing a llama in a fake carnival kissing booth really counts as "being in the show" but it made her happy and I'll take it.

The Caterpillar, however, was not so happy because she was not chosen to "be in the show."  And it was a point of sore consternation for many hours.

Or at least until she met this guy.
Then she met a burro who bit her finger and she decided tiny horses were for the birds.

Land of Little Horses bills itself as a "Horse Farm."  Where I come from, a farm is where you grow crops.  If you have horses, whatcha got there is a ranch.  But apparently that doesn't hold out here because I've seen more than one "horse farm" in these parts.  They can call it what they want, but I'm gonna always have a completely different image in my head when they say horse farmSomething like this, but with horses.

One of the neatest events at tiny horses was when they brought several of the tiny horses out and gave all the kids brushes and curry combs so they could groom them.  The girls loved this and I finally found a bucket to sit on in the corner because after an hour of watching your kid comb a horse with no end in sight, you pretty much need to surf the internet on your phone, yo.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to get both girls to not stand in this position because also where I come from, you do not stand on a horse's blind side, lest you want to be kicked by said horse.  They both completely ignored me... that is until one of the tiny horses kicked The Dormouse.  That was when I started to seem kinda smart.

Lesson to Shortlings:  Moms know stuff.

Some tiny horses got more intricate grooming than others:

I'll give you one guess who was grooming this horse before I turned around to see this.