Yes, I bought into the madness that is Pillow Pets many months ago.  I could let myself feel ashamed for this, but consider:
  • Pillow Pets do not require batteries
  • Pillow Pets do not require assembly
  • Pillow Pets do not make noise
  • Pillow Pets do not have any moving parts
  • Pillow Pets have been used more than most other presents
  • Pillow Pets are washable
  • Pillow Pets generally stay on their beds and do not require me to pick them up off the floor
  • Pillow Pets do not mock me

And, perhaps mostly because of that last fact, I went ahead and purchased them each an identical one of the new, small sized pillow pets to go with their existing animals.  I can't say they were met with exactly the same enthusiasm, but they are still pretty loved... and they still don't mock me.