If you're looking for continuity of postings, that's something you won't find here.  I'm fully aware that I've jumped from DC, to Utah, to New York, to Nevada and back again multiple times over the past week. (I was in Baltimore this morning and Virginia last week, by the way.  It gets confusing even for me.)  It would probably make more sense if I ordered these posts in some sort of chronological fashion (perhaps the order in which the photos were taken might be smart). But that's not how my brain (and my life) works.  Just a little glimpse into the jumble of thoughts bouncing around inside my head.  And now, you're more glad to be you and not me than ever, aren't you? 

This tiny little cabin is an actual Pony Express house.  We stopped here to see the Museum in Elko and found that the museum was closed that day.  I seem to have a history with that. Anyway, there was nothing open at the museum, but they do have this little exhibit outside. 

Billy Fisher rode the Pony Express in eastern Nevada and later in the Utah Territory. In July 1860 Indians went on the warpath and destroyed the stations between Ruby Valley and Salt Lake City. Since there were no riders waiting to accept the mochila, Fisher rode the entire 300 miles, covering the distance in 30 hours using 8 horses and mules.

The Ruby Valley Pony Express Station was relocated to the grounds of the Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko in 1960.

It struck me how tiny it was, but then I guess this was just a place to rest and eat before moving on, so it was probably big by those standards.