It's summer.  (Newsflash, huh?)  For a variety of reasons, I am having a hard time committing to anything at this point... at least anything more complicated than sitting on the couch in my underwear watching TV.  And even then sometimes I forget I'm doing that and leave the room, only to come back later and realize that the movie I paused twenty minutes ago - while I went to the bathroom, and then started to clean the bathroom and then started to put away the dishes in the dishwasher and then got out the iron and then brought the ironing board back into the living room - has now timed out and I have to speed forward from the beginning to find my place again.  Only I can't, because I can't remember what happened the twenty minutes before that while I was still watching. So then I start the movie from the beginning again only I remember seeing this part, but Oh look! A bird!

What follows is the beginnings of several blog posts I started to write and then forget either what I was doing, or what had happened once I started writing.

Now, off to order some Ginkgo Biloba on the internet.  This won't end badly, I'm sure.

The KingofHearts and I have been married fifteen years.  Some say that as couples remain married, they grow to love one another more each day, some say they grow to put up with each other, some say that they grow to look like each other.

The number of times in the past month one of The Children has said something or other and both The KoH and I have responded with the exact same words at the exact same time, in the exact same sarcastic inflection, reminds me that in our case, we just have grown the same brain.

The Caterpillar is preparing to go to Big Girl School soon and in preparation she suckered convinced The KoH into buying her a new backpack.  This morning when I was getting ready to take them to summer camp, she came out of her room with her backpack on and started to walk out the door.  I stopped and said, "What's in that backpack?"

Wordlessly, she turned around, walked back into her room and proceeded to pull pretty much everything that was ever brought into her room out of her backpack and pile it on the floor.  Then she put the empty backpack on her back and walked out to the car.  Not sure how helpful school will be for her in finding a future career, but if it isn't, she can always become a British Nanny.

We watched some friends' dog over the weekend and the cats were sooo disappointed with us in that decision.  They pretty much spent the entire weekend in the basement, except for one time when the dog was lying on the floor sleeping and I happened to look up from my computer in time to see one of the cats caaaaarrrrefully sneak out from the basement and behind the dog into the kitchen, where she grabbed a piece of food out of the dog's dish and ranlikehell back downstairs with it.  

Even after the dog went home, the felines were still not quite sure about our respect of their mastery over their domain and spent the next two days just making sure the dog was really for realz gone.

Dog has been gone for two days now, but cat sits as sentry, just to make sure.

We went out to a local fast food restaurant the other night and it happened to be kids' night.  There was a free face painter there.  I'm used to just a heart painted on the cheeks at events like these, but this guy stepped up the game and has created an unreasonable expectation for every other face painter person out there.