"Hi thanks for waiting.  What have we here?"

"She has a rash on her hand."

"Hmm... what's it from, do you know?"

"Well, we think it's poison ivy, but it's not going away so we thought you should take a look."

"What makes you think it's poison ivy?"

"She says she found a plant in the yard and she didn't know if it was poison ivy so she picked a leaf and rubbed it on the back of her hand to find out."

"Ah!  So we have a scientist in the making here."


"Ah, comeon, that's a good thing over all."

"Unless you're Dr. Jeckyll."

"Good point."

(Yes, it was poison ivy.  And you know what?  Poison ivy doesn't always go away on it's own.  Hopefully the nasty tasting prednisone will squelch any future ideas to fight the battle of the poision ivy in the future... Hear that, Farmer Margarita?