While atop this mountain in Nevada, we looked down and noticed an old abandoned mill:

We decided to investigate.  The Children spent their time racking up points on their what wildlife have you chased today chart (several lizards, mormon crickets, a snake, a golden eagle, and one very frightened jackrabbit) and reminding the wildlife why it stays wild: to avoid The Children.

No one we knew really could say very much about this mill, its history, or the nearby mine, but we did find a few core samples with bits of gold in them.  (This is gold mining country.)  Those core samples may or may not have followed us home. (May.)  Those core samples may or may not have paid for our trip.  (Not.)

I could have spent days poking around here and picking up what really just amounts to trash, but it's rusty trash so it's ANTIQUE!  I love old buildings.  So of course I took about eleventy jillion photos of this place.  Here are my favorites: