Here, I share my two favorite images from the Pride Parade in New York City.  I was planning to march in the whole parade this year, but missed my chance, sleep and food turning out to be more important than meeting the group six hours before the parade in some nebulous place based on conflicting instructions and Mormon Standard Time. Oh well. 

This one, I love because it's really hard to take a nighttime photo on a camera phone and I got it this clear by holding my phone up against the side of a building to steady it.  And I'm pretty sure passersby on the sidewalk assumed I was peeing... or howling at the moon... but they didn't say A WORD.

I New York.

And this one, not because of the look on Monica's face (though that IS priceless), but because whenever I take MY cat out on a leash to a parade, I never really consider that he might want a really good view of the parade too.  So now I have a new strategy.