Ever since I was little, I've been fascinated by those in-between places in the world like Four Corners or the Haskell Free Library.  In Celtic mythology, transition places - shorelines, doorways, dusk and dawn - are supposed to be places or times of power and magic and for whatever reason, I've always been fascinated by that idea.

My cousins and I used to go to visit our grandparents who lived near the Idaho state line and we loved walking across town and over the bridge that spanned the river border between the states.  We'd casually say to each other, "Hey let's walk to Washington today," and feel very grown up about our pre-teen selves because we could control enough about our existence that we could literally be in another state without relying on adults to do so.  It was less than a mile's walk, if I remember correctly, but still, ANOTHER STATE YA'LL.  And we didn't even tell our parents!  Then we'd spend an hour slowly walking across the bridge and trying to determine the exact place in the middle when we would be standing in both states. 

Whenever we were driving and crossed a state line, I was the kid who wanted to stop the car at the Welcome to [insert state name here] sign so I could say I stood in two states at once.  Needless to say, that was probably tiresome for whomever was driving the car and we seldom stopped.

I still love those places for some reason and if you're like me, Wendover fits the bill.  There is a large hotel/casino that straddles the border and since gambling is legal in Nevada, but not in Utah, the parking lot is on the Utah side, while the casino is in Nevada.

I encouraged the girls to try and stand in both places at once while I took a photo.  They obliged, but missed the mark just a little. 

Shh, don't tell them.