This is the front door of the Brooklyn Public Library. The library that is holding the Sesame Street exhibit that was the main reason I went to New York last weekend. The Sesame Street that began when I was a year old and that I watched my whole life. The exhibit that ends February 21st and that this was my last chance to see. The library that has a website that we checked ahead of time to make sure they had weekend hours. The website that said nothing about it being closed on both Sunday and Monday of the Presidents' Day weekend. The door that, once we walked up to it, had this scotch taped to the glass:

So thanks, Brooklyn Public Library. From the two of us who rode a bus all the way to New York from Washington, D.C., walked to Brooklyn from Manhattan in thirty-six degree weather, and then shared a row of seats on the way back with a woman who didn't think it was necessary to buy a seat for her toddler but did think it was necessary to call everyone she knew and talk on the phone for the entire trip in the middle of the night.

We're not at all disappointed.