I was cleaning off my hard drive and thought you all might like a break from the All Kitty All The Time News. So now it's time for something completely different: my kids. (insert evil laugh here)

This is an unhappy Caterpillar being told to pose for an Easter photo. See? The post title is funny because it's less Tom Jones singing, "You can leave your hat on" and more three adults and a five year old yelling at her, "No no no no, baby, LEAVE YOUR HAT ON!!!"

And I know this isn't a particularly great photo, it's cropped badly because neither of them can hold still for a nanosecond and trying to capture the both of them in a frame where they are fully encompassed in the viewfinder is harder than trying to put bicycle shorts on an elephant. Plus the background is busy and, and, and.... I've tried to fix it a thousand different ways in PhotoShop, all of which have basically failed... but there is still something about it that makes me love it with all my heart.