Here are the results of day three of The Summer of I Promise To Be A Less Sucky Mother -- that is, Monday. If you're keeping track and realized that Saturday was day two, remember that Sunday doesn't count, because, you know, Jesus and all. (Yeah, I don't know what that means either, I'm just tryin' to fill a page here.)

After we made caterpillars from egg cartons (and, by the way, that craft is so old that I'm pretty sure it was devised by cave women as a way to keep their children busy while they made pterodactyl egg omelettes, but it is still a big hit and probably the reason it's endured as long as it has), I couldn't stand one more craft that would simply add to the piles and piles of garbage-turned-treasure that has become my living space. So I declared to my summer camp director (aka the voice inside my head) that spending more time with my kids could also mean getting stuff done. Then we put on grubby clothes (and yes, I know that The Dormouse is wearing a DRESS in these pictures; that IS what she considers grubby; tell me again how she's really mine and not the mail woman's? Because I'm starting to wonder if all the memories I have of being in the hospital during her birth were perhaps a post-hypnotic suggestion) and washed my car.

We had only been at it for about five minutes before The Caterpillar insisted that the same level of care and attention must be given to HER car and she ran off with the hose, the rag and the soap bucket to take care of the Snuggle Bug, leaving me to wonder if she would one day turn out to be Cameron Frye's father from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Should I get all the old cloth diapers out now so she can continue this level of detailing or would you say that's going a bit too far?