I know I've sucked at posting this week... chalk it up to baby kitties, demanding children, even more demanding work requirements and a general lackadaisical attitude about all of them. So my gift to make up for it is to bare my soul and tell you:

Thirteen Guilty Pleasures of Mine

  1. After someone complains that she left her computer with "someone" at my desk and then she came back and it wasn't there so she stated we'd obviously "let someone take it" even though we all explained that we were sitting there the whole time and she didn't give the computer to either one of us, then she found the computer where she left it at aNOTHer desk with a person of a DIFFERENT RACE on a DIFFERENT FLOOR and when she doesn't even bother to apologize to me or the other person she basically accused of stealing, finally letting the bigwigs of the profession know exactly what went down.
  2. Chelsea Handler - I'm not really much into the celebrity gossip scene and that's pretty much her whole show, but dang, girlfriend is funny sometimes. Plus her show is on about four times in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.
  3. Setting my iPod to shuffle and hearing Howard Jones, the Hallelujah Chorus, RUSH, Chris LeDoux, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Gordon McRae... in that order. And knowing the words to every one of the songs.
  4. Eating an entire bag of edamame... by myself.
  5. Letting the kittens curl up and sleep under my chin.
  6. Rocking The Caterpillar to sleep every night, even though she can go to sleep on her own most of the time. This is very similar to number five, I imagine.
  7. Vampire stories (with the exception of Twilight... sorry Interweb, you may flog me now, but I just don't get Twilight. Yawn!). How many people can't wait to see the new Buffy Movie... even without Joss Whedon?
  8. The Fashion Show... I'm mainly over my Project Runway obsession and each year I say I won't watch the new season, but I do anyway. TFS, is not as well-done, interesting, or funny as PR, plus overall I'm not that interested in fashion. And yet? I record both religiously anyway... because I can sit and watch them with The Dormouse and she adores critiquing the outfits and asking me my opinion on each.
  9. Red Bull. It's ridiculously expensive and comes in cans too small to even consider quenching a thirst and don't even try to tell me that it'll keep me awake any better than a Diet Coke because it does nothing for my body chemistry. But whenever I'm in a really bad mood, I walk to the convenience store, buy a Red Bull and sip it in tiny, minuscule sips, trying to make it last until I get back home. That stuff tastes like liquid Pop Rocks.
  10. Vanilla Tootsie Rolls. They're like tiny little sticks of crack. Why can't I buy just a whole bag of this one flavor? Oh crap... I can.
  11. Saying to my boss, after I've been asked to complete another project by tomorrow when the nine previous projects are due, "Well, what is the priority here? What needs to be completed first? How about I work on that one?"
  12. Batman cartoons. Batman movies. Anything Batman really.
  13. Lip balm. I'm forever looking for a tube or a canister and can't find it, so to compensate, I buy one about once a month just in case I can't find one and store them in the car, on the nightstand, in my purse, in the drawer of my desk... I'm pretty sure if I went on a search throughout the house, I could turn up about thirty of them.