Sometimes I like to use my own little corner of the intertubes to educate and inform. So consider this entry a public service announcement: It may look fun to have a cute two year old around the house, but kids, before you go having pre-marital sex without protection, please keep the following in mind.

This Morning's Fit Schedule of The Caterpillar

6:30 am: Woke up (this is a gift actually; she usually wakes around 5:30). Threw a fit because she woke up.

6:32 am: Threw a fit because I took her out of her crib.

6:32:30 am: Threw a fit because I put her back in her crib.

6:40 am: Wanted milk; threw a fit because it took too long to accommodate that request.

6:45 am: Threw a fit about "a shirt." Still trying to understand this one - did not want another shirt on; did not want the shirt she was wearing off; did not want to choose her own shirt; just kept yelling "my shiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrt."

6:55 am: I turned on the television. Threw a fit because the channel wasn't immediately set to Big Bird.

7:00 am: Threw a fit because Sesame Street was broken into for station identification.

7:05 am: Threw a fit because Grover fell off something.

7:35 am: Wanted something to eat; I wasn't immediately available with the desired request; threw a fit.

7:37 am: Got into the refrigerator while I was in the bathroom; took out a gallon of milk and carried it precariously around the living room, sloshing milk and threatening to empty it all over the floor; threw a fit when I made her put it back.

7:40 am: Threw a fit because she wanted Apple Jacks and I gave her Cheerios.

7:45 am: Ate all the Apple Jacks; angry at world because there were no more; threw a fit.

7:55 am: Wants to put own shoes on own feet; I pointed out that she had them on the wrong feet; threw a fit.

7:56 am: Sent to time out; became curiously quiet.

7:57 am: I asked her why she was throwing a fit; new fit ensued.

7:58 am: Threw a fit because she drank all the milk in her glass.

7:59 am: Saw that I was writing something down in a notebook; grabs for it, saying, "somebody gave me that notebook;" threw a fit when I told her that it was mine.

8:00 am: Was told to get in the car; threw a fit.

8:01 am: I buckled her seatbealt; "I wanted to do it BY MYSEEEEELLLLF;" threw a fit.

8:04 am: Dropped her purse in the back seat of the car; threw a fit.

8:05 am: Big sister picked up purse and handed it to her; got purse caught on foot; threw a fit.

8:10 am: Big sister gets out of car to get on school bus; strangely silent.

8:10:30 am: Tried to swallow an orange slice whole; coughed; threw a fit because she coughed.

8:12 am: During car ride toward day care, begins yelling, "Don't put me upside down, Momma. Don't PUT THE CAR UPSIDE DOWN!" Threw a fit.

8:14 am: "I want to go to class day." "That's where we're going, honey." Threw a fit.

8:15 am: Wanted to open the door at class day. Stood directly in front of door while pulling handle so door would not open. Threw a fit.

8:15:30 am: Walked through door after I moved her feet. "I DIDN'T GET TO PUSH THE BUTTONS!!!" Threw a fit.

8:18 am: Get her coat off and settled down in her class with friends; say "OK, Baby I've got to go now, have a good day." "OK Momma, bye, bye." ::kiss:: No fit.