Dormouse: "Momma, do you want to hear a poem my teacher taught us today and I have to remember it for tomorrow."

Me: "Okay, shoot."

Dormouse: "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down."

Me: "Well, that's just fascinating. Why did you have to learn that again?"

Dormouse: "Because when My Teacher was little, there was a water shortage and they couldn't flush the toilet as much. So they had to learn that poem to remember when it was okay to flush the toilet."

Me: "Uuuunh huh. And why was she teaching it to you today?"

Dormouse: "For the state assessment testing this week."

Me: "..."

Dormouse: "..."

Me: "I'm not following you here."

Dormouse: "Because we are all taking the state assessment tests tomorrow. So we had to know that poem."

Me: "What? Why? What does that poem have to do with the state assessment test?"

Dormouse: "Because My Principal says that while we're taking the tests, if we have to go to the bathroom, we shouldn't flush the toilet."

Me: "Still not with you."

Dormouse: *rolls eyes* "Be-caaaauuuse... if we use the bathroom during the tests, it might be distracting to the other people who are taking the tests. So we're not supposed to flush the toilet unless we have to."

Me: "You don't have bathrooms in your classrooms, do you?"

Dormouse: "No. But some of the bathrooms might be next to the classrooms and they might hear."

Me: "Oh. Of course. Wait, seriously?"

Dormouse: "Yes. It could be very distracting to hear a toilet flush while you're taking a test."

Me: "Not half as distracting as worrying about whether or not you're allowed to flush a toilet while you're taking a test."

Dormouse: "What?"

Me: "Maybe they should just send everyone outside to the bushes when they have to use the toilet."

Dormouse: "Why, Momma?"

Me: "Nevermind."