Yesterday was a rare day were both girls were home for lunch in the middle of the day. I, however, had a ton of work and opted to put lunch on the table and then head back to my seat on the couch with my laptop burning red marks into my thighs. But I couldn't resist transcribing the conversation that followed in in the other room.

Caterpillar: Please. Honey, come to the table and sit on your bottom. please.

Dormouse: *sigh* I know! I’m coming.

C: I’m gonna eat it.

D. Me too.

C: Do you want me to share one to you?

D: I already have one.


D: I like your belly button.

C: You like my belly button?

D: Yeah, it’s so bouncy.

C: I love you, Sister.

D: I love you too, but sometimes you’re mean.

C: I’m not mean to you, I’m just happy.

D: Sometimes you are mean.

C: YOU are mean.

D: See? There you go, being mean!

C: I’m not mean, I’m just happy. Sometimes daddy is happy.

D: Yeah.

C: He’s so funny.

D: Yeah.

*both giggle*

C: Is that funny Sister?


C: *sings* Hong Kong Booey, numberonesuperguy...

D: It's not 'Booey,' it's 'Phooey.'

C: Oh. *sings* Hong Kong Boobey, numberonesuperguy...



D: OK!

C: *sings* Hong Kong Boobey, numberonesuperguy...

D: *slaps forehead*

C: My belly button is sticking out.

D: *sigh*


D: What’s today? The twenty-third?

C: No it’s the twenty-seventeen.

D: No! It’s the
twenty-third. See? Look here on the calendar, it's the twenty-third!

C: No! It’s the
twenty-third... oKAY?

D: I hear you.


D: Arm wrestle me.

C: Wah!

D: I’m not sitting next to you anymore. Never again. *moves to another chair*

C: Ne-ver. A-gain. I’m gonna sit to my chair.

D: Fine.

C: Fine to me.


C: I eat a noodle off my arm.

D: Cool!