Since both The Dormouse and The Caterpillar kept me up pretty much all night alternately hacking their lungs out (how THEY can stay asleep while doing that, but I can't is beyond me), I've been out of bed since before o' dark thirty. So to keep myself from breaking into a pharmacy, stealing all the Ambien and then overdosing on it, I pulled out my trusty PhotoShop and played around with some free actions I downloaded yesterday. I had a lot of fun doing different treatments but what do you do with them once you're done? So since my only friend is teh internets, I'm sharing them here.


Fun Black Action Orange:
Very Vintage:

Colored Vintage:

Colored Vintage Bent:



Out of Bounds:

Out of Bounds and Curled:

Rainey Day + Condensation:


25 Photos:

Fun, huh? Now if I could only find a use for these.