Thirteen things I do not understand:
  1. Why some people spend more time and effort trying to pass work off to others than just do it and get it over with already.
  2. Why Survivor is still on the air.
  3. Why my cats will climb on top of me, sit down in my lap, stand up, sit down in a different spot, stand up, sit down in yet a different spot, stand up and then act surprised when I've finally gotten sick of their tiny pin-like feet boring holes in my body and knocked them off the couch.
  4. Why one six year old's normal talking voice is louder than almost one hundred adults in a restaurant
  5. Why anyone still cares about Jon and/or Kate Gosselin
  6. Why politicians, who know full well what political scandal looks like, don't use a tiny bit of good judgment.
  7. Why people continually offer to meet/babysit/have dinner/do whatever other thing without ever intending to follow through don't just stop offering.
  8. Why someone would choose to write a symphony in six flats.
  9. Chatroulette - the whole reason I love the internet is that people don't have to see me
  10. Why The Caterpillar's nose constantly runs every time the seasons change.
  11. How people on game shows can be so. damn. excited.
  12. Why I have to pay taxes on tax refunds I got last year which is money that was already taxed.
  13. Why my car can look so big from the outside and have so little passenger and cargo space in the inside.