Thirteen reasons I should not be working from home today:

  1. Out of food except for a block of cheese and a giant jar of peanut butter - eating both without utensils
  2. Shower? What for?
  3. DVR is empty except for twenty-eight episodes of Sesame Street
  4. Watched the garbage collector not pick up six bags; now looking for county online complaint forms
  5. Now know way more than I ever wanted to about Sally Taylor's life
  6. Had a philosophical conversation with a two year old about rice - learned lots
  7. Water bed way too cozy and inviting
  8. Easy access to unmonitored internet searching
  9. Open tub of butter cream icing in the fridge
  10. Overabundance of horizontal surfaces on which to nap
  11. Laundry mocking me from the basement
  12. Cats breathe too loudly
  13. Out of Diet Coke