When The Dormouse was three, I used to try and get her to help me with household chores. I'd give her a pair of socks and show her how to pair them together and simply fold them in half. She never really got it. Even now, at six, when she folds something for me, it's really just an elaborate method of balling it up into some unrecognizable form.

So imagine my surprise yesterday, when The Caterpillar, with her two years' life experience, toddled over while I was folding laundry, pulled all the kitchen towels out and began folding them in perfect squares, then put them "away" in the kitchen. This, THIS is why I had kids, people!

She even agreed to put some of the other clothes away that I had already folded.

Of course she may need instructions more specific than "put these in Momma and Daddy's room."