I'd Like to Live as a Poor Man with Lots of Money
- Pablo Picasso

The Dormouse: "Momma, we're rich, you know."

What I think: Suddenly, all the hours of lectures on Empathy and Standard of Living and Gratitude have come together for me in this simple sentence. My efforts have been realized. She understands that not everyone in the world has two cars, meals three times a day and a couple of television sets. She gets it! She appreciates what she has and will never again take it for granted. Now that she understands we have a ridiculously high standard of living, maybe she will make it her job to increase the standard of living of others. Maybe she will work to end starvation in Africa... conflict in Darfur. Maybe she'll just concentrate her efforts her in this country and work in soup kitchens, securing donations to feed the homeless or to ensure universal healthcare for all children. And there were no poor among them. I have taught my child to appreciate and value money - one of the hardest things to impart to any age, let alone a five year old. Perhaps when she grows up she'll secure a job at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The MacArthur foundation. Maybe she won't even wait. She can create her own foundation at young age ten. I see a future for her in philanthropy. She'll change the world.

What I say: "What makes us rich, do you think?"

Dormouse: "We have a lot of hairbands."

Perhaps Mr. Obama would like to have her advise on how to use that seven hundred billion dollar bank bailout.

Oh, and time to give back that mother of the year award.