KoH: Apparently, The Dormouse has January 20th off school.

Me: Yeah, that's because of the Inauguration. Pretty much all the schools are closed, I think.

DM: Don't forget Milk Day! I have Milk Day off too!

*we shoot each other a glance as we both immediately realize she's seen "MLK day" written down somewhere and she means January 19th*

KoH: Clearly, someone needs a Civil Rights lesson.

Me: I thought the schools were just really, really in support of calcium products.

Believe it or not
World Milk Day is a thing - and so is World School Milk Day. Of course they're both on June 1st and, as such, wouldn't warrant a day off school. Now, World Cheese Day? That's more like it. Ah, the things the internet can teach us.