...and my five year old gave him a reach around.

The Dormouse learned about Inaugurations and how they are celebrated in school and, not surprisingly, was most impressed by the Inaugural Ball part. She desperately wanted to "go to a ball" and I had nothing. So I found a community party to take her to on the Internet. It wasn't formal, but she insisted on dressing up in her best ball gown (Why does my child have a ball gown, you ask? Thank freecycle.), which is good because this was apparently one of the ten balls the new President to made it to and he was there to greet us. (Shhh... don't tell her - she still doesn't know.)

The KingofHearts was just going to attend in his normal clothes, but on the way out the door, The Dormouse realized he was inappropriately dressed and instructed him to put on a suit jacket. I however, was in slacks, and she didn't seem to care what I was wearing. I'm not sure if that's because I'm always the one taking the picture and no one ever sees me anyway, or because I'm still carrying around what I now like to refer to as my toddler weight* and she just knew that I was up and dressed and that was more than anyone should expect from me.

*Copyright, 2008