This father was trying to take a photo of his twin girls standing on the zero milestone in front of the White House when we went down to see the National Aberration Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. If it was a twin, I'm sure that I'd resent the hell out of being made to dress exactly like my sister all the time, but it sure makes for a cute picture... plus you'd always be able to find a lost kid in a crowd. "Have you seen my daughter? She looks just like this one." The Dormouse was very upset that we wouldn't turn around and go back so we could put her on the zero milestone and pose for a picture, but I explained that's because her parents are mean, so get used to it.

Also: if you look closely - click to embiggen the photo - it appears that a dog (at least I'm hoping it was a dog) has peed on the zero milestone. I could have cloned that out, but it amuses me more than the twins. I suppose dogs don't have respect for things like monuments and city centers and such.