Thirteen things The Caterpillar has recently said that sound like words but probably aren't
  1. Hezbollah
  2. Gargamel (What? That's a word. At least it is if you're old enough to remember The Smurfs.)
  3. Bastard
  4. Pow! *while pointing the remote control at the television like a gun*
  5. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
  6. Chicken vindaloo
  7. Obama
  8. Burglary
  9. Please sir, may I have some more? *as heard by The Dormouse... who, apparently, belongs in a musical*
  10. Bupkis
  11. Bubbellah (maybe she's Jewish?)
  12. Habeas Corpus (clearly, she has no place in the outgoing administration)
  13. I love you *said while looking longingly at the table*
  14. Special bonus item: Ganja