That crafty Mr. Claus brought an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. The Dormouse actually gave the box a kiss and a hug. I had one when I was a kid about the same age as The Dormouse is now and loved it, so I think it's fitting that she is enjoying hers. If you've never had pastries cooked by hundred watt light bulb, then you really haven't lived.

This was a surprise for Daddy and also served as a great cooking project to write about for her Winter Break homework packets. (Yes, my KINDERGARTNER had two twelve-page packets of homework to complete over the holiday break.)

You can tell this cake is for Daddy because of the pliers candle.

Hey, Duff, have you got any job openings?

And now, enjoy the musical portion of our evening:

And from The Caterpillar, the Happy Food Dance: