Me: Come here, KoH, and watch this video I saw on this site.

KoH: *glances at the frozen frame on the computer screen* Oh no.

Me: Oh yes! *hits play*

*both watch in stunned silence, mouths agape*

Me: I'm thinkin' I have to write a blog post about that.

KoH: I don't know that there's anything else you can do.

Me: Or maybe I should save it for Mother's Day.

KoH: No, it's too good for that. And there's a chance you might forget.

I actually don't think there's much chance of that. There are just certain things that once you've seen them you can't unsee. It's burned into my subconscious. You be the judge:

P.S. There are a kajillion hilarious videos with Mr. T on YouTube. He sells Snickers, he gives fashion advice (you really shouldn't pass up this link, by the way), he drives a long haul truck, he works as an IT consultant, he's a talented rapper, he plays video games, and he's apparently a motivational speaker. It appears that Laurence Tureaud is not as one-dimensional as I once thought.