On Christmas Eve, we decided to go see Santa waterski at the National Harbor. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be fifty degrees that day (you lie like a rug, weatherbug!) it was bitterly cold out on the pier. Finally The KoH and The Caterpillar ran for shelter while The Dormouse and I stuck it out to the bitter end.

I have to say, while I admire anyone who wants to get out and water ski in the Potomac river on Christmas Eve, it was no Cypress Gardens. There were a couple of "trick" skiers, but the show consisted pretty much of people water skiing from one pier to another and then turning around and coming back again. And even then, most of the skiers couldn't stay out of the water.

This guy was very fun to watch, but he ended up doing an impression of a buoy shortly after this picture was taken.

There was also a manufactured grudge match between The Grinch on a jet ski and Frosty The Snowman in a fishing boat. The Grinch came out on a jet ski and drove circles around poor, poor, Frosty in his boat, while the announcer unsuccessfully attempted to get the crowd to chant, "Go Grinch." No one really wanted to chant, so there was like one round of "Go Grinch" and then everyone quit. I think their teeth were just too busy chattering.

Frosty was the only one who didn't end up in the water by the end of his show. Of course he was pretty much just floating there.

Then Santa came out with all eight reindeer:

By the time they got out to one side of the harbor and turned around, there was only one reindeer left standing. Santa and seven of the ruminants were all floating in the water.

All in all, we had a nice time... especially at the restaurant where they make fresh guacamole at your table. I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in avocados.