There seems to be a regular lack of Christmas Spirit around the blogosphere these days. Or maybe I'm just over identifying with a few cranky people, since I know there's a definite lack of anticipation the general vicinity of my personal space. I've been trying to put my finger on why. Sure I've been particularly busy with work and other craziness this year, but that's nothing new. Maybe it's the fact that I've got two kids now - one of them whose overwhelming goal in life these days is to climb to the top of any- and everything with which she comes in contact. Maybe its the fact that while I'm supposed to be off from work this week, I still got two phone calls today and have four projects to follow up on over the next two weeks while I'm "off."

I've been trying to find my Christmas Spirit somewhere. I recorded a bunch of Christmas movies for The Dormouse to watch. I've put Christmas music on in the car while we drive. We've been to parties, met Santa, cut down a Christmas tree, decorated the house and yet, I still can't quite feel it this year. Maybe I need an injection of sugar plums directly into my bloodstream.

At least Dilbert understands me.