Scene: We're in the car driving and the Sting song Roxanne comes on the radio.

KoH: "You know I used to work with this dude in the Air Force who loved this song and he'd randomly sing it whenever. So we'd all be sitting around at work or at a barbecue or wherever and if there'd be a lull in the conversation and he'd suddenly belt out
*falsetto singing* 'Roxanne.' Nothing more. Just *loud falsetto singing* 'ROXANNE.'"

Me: "You knew a lot of weirdos in the Air Force."

KoH: "Huh?"

Me: "Well, there was that guy who no one ever saw without a Pepsi in his hand. The one who died his hair blue and pierced his tongue when he was on TDY and was surprised when he got back and the military didn't look fondly on that. Oh and also there was that guy who'd wander around and randomly ask everyone men and women alike, 'Do you wanna see my peep?'"

KoH: "Heh. Yeah. Something about high pressure environments."


KoH: *sings loudly in ridiculous falsetto* "ROXANNE."

The Dormouse thinks this is hilarious and laughs out loud.

KoH: "Oh you like that, do you?"

Dormouse: "Yes and I'm going to do it too."

*we drive along in silence for a moment*

*sings loudly* "ROCKS SAND!"