One of my new favorite bloggy obsessions is called Overheard in the Ward, which is a rip-off of Overheard in New York or Overheard in D.C.

Aside: Years ago when I first started my doing much of the graphic design/marketing at my job, to get myself up to speed I took some graphic design classes and looked at a LOT of flyers and programs. All that preparation really just served to convince me that there are no new ideas, just recycled ones. So it's always better to steal an idea rather than to try to come up with a completely original idea on your own. You will spend a lot more time and eventually you'll figure out someone's already had your idea anyway. If there was ever any proof of that, the Internets is it.

If it hadn't already been done to death, I could totally start my own website from just stuff I hear on Sunday. Some days that's my sole impetus for going to church.

Primary President speaking to a group of three to twelve year olds:
"Okay, boys and girls, today we're going to talk about this Gospel Standard. *points to number seven on the list and reads aloud:*
I use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus reverently.
I will not swear or use crude words.
What do you think that means when it says 'I will not use crude words?'"

Excitable, yet earnest eight year old jumping up and down and raising his hand:
"Oooo! That like means like when some people say BAD words that you shouldn't say. Instead you should just say 'blank' or 'bleep'. Like, Oh my bleeping bleep!, or bleep bleep you bleep! or blank you blanking blank, or mother blanker."

Speechless Primary President: "Thanks Mikey, I think that clears it up for everyone."

If you want to know my opinion, she was asking for it.