I think I might have mentioned before that I do the children's music at church, which is a little like herding cats... if the cats all have snotty noses, throw fits when someone else gets a turn and can't sit still in their seats so they continually fall over in their chairs. It's a thankless job and a little too much like work for me since there are more than a few special needs kids in this group, but every once in awhile you get a really good story to tell from the experience.

A member of the bishopric is supposed to come in and speak to the kids for about ten minutes once a month and when we got to that portion of the day today, he was M.I.A. He doesn't talk to kids all that well and it's obvious he hates coming. Those of us who are supposed to count on him to show up each month put about as much stock in his being there as we do in the reality of peace in the Middle East: sure, it might happen some day, but no one's holding his breath. So we each take turns filling in with an impromptu devotional message for the kids when he's not there. Today, that was me. Off the cuff, I told a little story about making choices and we talked about the difference between right choices and wrong choices. I let the kids give me examples of right vs. wrong choices. One of the kids excitedly popped up with this little gem:
"Oh, I know! Like, if someone throws a paper towel at you in the lunchroom, you shouldn't do anything, just walk away. That would be a right choice. Unless the paper towel has pizza on it. Then you hit 'em."
Words to live by.