The latest developmental stage we've been experiencing in our house is the In/Out Stage:

The Caterpillar's new obsession is putting things in things. In the past week I have found:
  • a Cinderella doll and a fake credit card in a sauce pan
  • a plastic monkey in my lunch bag
  • dirty bottle in the hamper
  • a pacifier in my shoe
  • a plastic ball in the dishwasher
  • a hairbrush in the trashcan
  • a ball point pen in a water bottle
  • the KingofHeats' watch in the toilet
  • the Caterpillar in any box, drawer, basket or other container left within reach

The latest? As I sit at my desk typing, she enjoys sitting on my lap, grabbing random office supplies and putting them down my shirt. Hey, it keeps her quiet so I roll with it. The other day I talked to a workmate for fifteen minutes before suddenly realizing there was a red marker stuck in my bra and I had a very unusual silhouette indeed. The most frightening part is once I realized it, I grabbed my right bosom and announced that fact to the person with whom I was talking, then fished the pen out of my bra and continued our conversation.

Being a mother strips you any dignity you ever might have previously had.