Parenthood Meme
Stolen from Sissy.

When was the first time you envisioned yourself as a mother?
About three months after The Dormouse was born. What can I say? I'm a little slow.

Was your pregnancy planned?
Two were. One surprised us and I didn't know I was pregnant until very late in the game. Long story.

Who was the first person you told?
The BabyDaddy. And then my husband.

Were you scared? If so of what?
Terrified... every time. Past experience.

Did you find out if you were having a girl or a boy?
Yes. All three times.

If so why? If not, why not?
I figure it's a surprise whenever you find out. Waiting just increases the chances that I'll have to return that peepee teepee I got as a shower gift. And I hate returning things.

Was the birthing process hard?
Easy peazy. The doctors did all the hard work.

How would you rate yourself as a mother?

What would you like to improve on?
Patience, patience, patience patiencepatiencepatiencepatiencepatience .

Why are your children lucky to have you as a Mother?
Truthfully, I think there are some reasons why they're really lucky to have me and some reasons why they are decidedly unlucky. I'm definitely not your average mother experience.

What do you feel is the key to a great relationship with your children?
Wow. I wish I could say I really knew. In general though, I think listening is the most important thing a parent can do... to what they say and what they don't say.