When you marry someone, you don't necessarily know if that person will make a good parent or not. Sure, you have an idea but actually being a parent... day in, day out... is a whole lot different than how much you like kids or whether you think you might be a good parent. How lucky are these girls (as am I) then, that he actually did turn out to be a great Dad?

If you're lucky, you find someone to share your life with who fills in some of the gaps where you leave off. If you're really lucky, that person fills in the gaps when and where you need it most. Sure there are times when I want to beat him like a yard dog. For example, when he's noticed that he accidentally dropped some spaghetti sauce on the living room rug and his method of cleaning it up is to stomp his boot into the stain and rub it into the carpet. But then there are times I sit back and notice that I happen to be one of those lucky people who is part of a team of parents and am not just the caretaker of his progeny. That almost makes up for the spaghetti sauce incident... almost.

Edited to add: For Josh: